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2014.02.02 - Hundreds of Geoglifos Discovered in the Amazon article updated with newly discovered geoglyphs, twenty new photographs, new videos, additional placemarks and links, and a database file. With the newest Google Earth high-resolution aerial photography updates, there are now 240 geoglifos placemarked, plus many ground lines. The new discoveries extend the area of geoglifos east, west, and south, including just across the border in Bolivia. Download brazil_geoglifos.kml placemarks for Google Earth. Read article.

Rio Branco geoglifo circular

2014.02.14 - Updated archaeogeodesy.xls v2014 includes the new geoglyphs and additional sites worldwide. The Excel applet provides numerous ancient astronomy research functions and calculates arc distances and bearings for three sites, providing coordinates for mounds, pyramids, monuments, and other sites worldwide.

2014.02.19 - Updated placemark files: Mesa Verde, Colorado, Hovenweep, Utah, Salinas Missions.

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"Antiquity willfully veils the truth so that the fool will go astray and only the wise may know." 
Phaedrus, writer of fables, writing in Rome.

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