Web Authoring Assignment

The Web authoring assignment is part of the Programming Module of the course.  The assignment object includes understanding markup code and identifying specific tags.  Another object is developing the ability to use online technical resources and references.  Links to useful resources are provided below.

TOPIC: The subject can be of your choosing.

INSTRUCTIONS: Create a single Web page to fit on a single printed page and to meet the criteria in the table below. Underline the corresponding markup in the code.

Elements to include. Markup items to underlined.
A invisible table with a minimum of two columns and two rows. The table must be used to control the layout of the entire page. The table tag, a row tag and a cell tag.
Two different heading sizes. Both heading tags.
Some text formatted as a paragraph. The begin paragraph tag and the end paragraph tag.
A line break. The break tag.
Two images, one of which shall be used as an e-mail link. One must have a border. Both image tags, and the border attribute and property tags.
A horizontal rule. The horizontal rule tag with all the attributes and properties.
A list formatted as an HTML list, with at least three list items. The list begin and end tags, and one list item tag.
Special characters visible in the Web page. The markup creating the characters.
At least three links, including an e-mail link to your e-mail address. The beginning and ending anchor tags and the hypertext reference for the e-mail link.
Preformatted text. The beginning and ending formatting tags.
A document title. The tag for the title element.
Attributes and properties to include. Markup items to highlight.
Backgroud for the body element. Either a color or an image link.
Color for a font element. The attribute and property.
Horizontal space for an image. The attribute and property.
Color of visited links. The attribute and property.


SUBMISSION: Turn in both printouts.

GRADING: 40 points total. points awarded only if the element, attribute, and/or property is included in the page and also underlined in the code.

EXTRA CREDIT: Publish your page on your MCC server space (10 points).


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