Final Integration Project. 

PROPOSAL: A proposal is due the week of Nov. 3.  This project must integrate Word, Excel (or Access) and PowerPoint. Turn in one word-processed paragraph describing your topic. Describe both the topic coverage and how you will integrate applications (i.e., what data you will chart).  You may turn in your proposal earlier in the semester.

TOPIC: The subject must be instructor approved, computer-related, and instructive of a topic covered in this class.  A great place to look for topics is the material in the Computers in Your Future textbook.

PAPER: Begin by creating a 3-page term paper in Word, double-spaced, Times 12 point font, with 1 inch margins.  Then add a bibliography and incorporate your Excel chart (or other approved integration idea).

PRESENTATION: The Word paper must be converted to a PowerPoint presentation.  The PowerPoint should contain the same information as the paper, reformatted as a presentation.  (To allow use of the PowerPoint online, copy and paste your Excel chart.)  The PowerPoint must be presented to the class on Nov. 24. The PowerPoint should also be saved as a Web page.

SUBMISSION: The project must be submitted on electronic media with all component files (Word paper, Excel file, PowerPoint file, and Web site) on Nov. 24. Back up your work.

REFERENCES:  When writing a paper, you must identify the nature and extent of the references you have read, or anyone else from whom you have gotten ideas.  You should do so with a bibliography. Failure to disclose your reliance on the research or thinking of others is plagiarism, which is considered to be a most serious academic offense and will be treated as such. If you have any questions, ask before you submit your work.

WRITING STYLE: You may use the writing style corresponding to your discipline. Precise adherence to a specific style is not required. The two most common documentation styles are the Modern Language Association (MLA) style (used in the humanities), the American Psychological Association (APA) style (used in the natural and social sciences). Some disciplines use other styles, such as the Society for American Archaeology style. A useful online resource is the Purdue University Online Writing Lab Research and Documenting Sources page. An on-campus resource is the MCC Writing Center, located in the Paul Elsner Library. The Writing Center provides many writing resources and professional English tutors who help with writing papers.

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