CIS233DA -- The Internet Web Publishing -- Quiz One

Fill in the blanks:

A hypertext document is a(n) _______________ file that contains _______________ you can select to move between documents.

The minimal tool needed to creat HTML documents is a Simple ___________ ________________ .

Are HTML tags case sensitive? __________

List the special character numbers for: copyright ______ , trademark _________ .

Name four reserved characters in HTML: _________ , ________ , _________ , ________ .

What distinguishes hypertext from ordinary text files is _______________ .

Name two tags used to italicize font in HTML: <____________> and <_____________>.

Links to connect to other points in a document are called ______________.

A basic HTML file will have two distinct parts, the <_______> and the <_______>.

A file's location in relation to the existing document is called a _________________ path.

The code for an e-mail link is as follows: <a href="____________ maria@red.mx>E-mail</a>.

There are _______ color names recognized by all ___________________ of HTML.

In this tag, <font color=red> the element is _______________ and the attribute is _______________.

Browsers allow the _______________ to control the appearance of Web pages

The three file types supported by the internet are ___________ , ___________, and _________ .

The code for non-breaking space is ____________ .

Linking to a page at another site requires a _____________ .

Matching: Use each answer only once.

______ Two-sided tags always have these.

______ Interlacing

______ Used to transfer files between computers.

______ Ordered list

______ RGB triplet

______ Software to access web documents.

______ Compressed

______ Develops standards for the World Wide Web.

______ Information about a Web page.

______ Computer that stores Web pages.

______ Image Map component

a. FTP

b. browser

c. head

d. W3C

e. server

f. GIF


h. closing tags

i. hexadecimal

j. numeric

k. hotspot

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