CIS233DA -- The Internet Web Publishing

"Great Sites and a Lemon" Assignment

Find three great sites and one bad site on the Internet. A site should be a set of Web pages, but can be a single page. Do not be concerned with the utility of the content. Your criteria in judging sites should be factors related to design, aestetics, usability, etc.; factors under the control of the author of the Web page. Be concerned with the ease of use, use of graphics, organization, presentation, etc. The great sites should be the kind of sites you aspire to creating. Vice-versa for the lemon.

List the sites. Provide a paragraph with each site's category, name, URL and a short paragraph stating your reasons for liking or disliking the site. Here is an example:

Great Site:  WebTeacher. http://www.webteacher.org/winnet/indextc.html.

The home page frame, with a simple yet distinctive graphic, fits the window and does not require scrolling. Navigating this site is easy. The navigation frame provides a veritable smorgasboard of topic links, allowing direct navigation to the numerous subjects from every page. The navigation frame is narrow. The topic pages have clear illustrations, and the "next" and "back" navigation buttons simplify reading chapters.

Your four sites should fit on one page, although longer is fine. Bring your printout to class on Sept. 4, and e-mail a copy to me. I will place them in a Web page for other class members to review.

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