CIS233DA -- The Internet Web Publishing

Site Design Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to learn about, and develop an understanding of, Web site structure. This assignment should also help you prepare for later assignments. During this class you will be asked to create a variety of web pages. At the end of the class you will present a complete Web site, integrating at least six pages and, if you wish, previous assignments. This assignment should be the first step in the process of producing the final assignment. Your plans for your site will not be binding, nor should they be. You will be free to make chaqnges in your plans as your design and creation proceeds.

Readings. First read the following materials:

Assignment: One drawing page, one description page.

  • Drawing. Use the site structure graphics in your readings to model a drawing of your own planned site's structure. Number the pages. Use arrows in your site structure drawing to illustrate the way your pages will be linked.
  • Description. 1. Write a sentence or two stating the name, content and purpose of each page (referenced to the drawing numbers). 2. Describe how site navigation will be accomplished (text, graphics, image maps, jump menus, etc.). 3. Audience. Tell me who your target audience is.

You should demonstrate a knowledge of the reading contents and convey a clear idea of what your site plans are.

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