Project Subject: What knowledge/information will your project convey?

Target Audience: Who are you presenting your information to? If you are creating a template lesson plan that can be modified for diverse learning levels state both the range of possible use and the level your project will be directed to.

Electronic Media: Check the media you will employ to create and store your project.
Select each that applies.
Internet server     DVD     CD     Zip Disk      Hard Drive     Diskettes     Video     Tapes

Multimedia: Your final project must employ several forms of media (or its not multi).
  What multimedia will you create for this project?

  What multimedia created by others will you incorporate into your project?

Creation Tools: What equipment and software applications will you use?

Presentation Tools: Describe what equipment will produce/deliver your electronic media?

Lab Time: What kind of lab assistance and/or individualized instruction and project assistance would your project benefit from?

Additional Comments: