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CIS 234 — XML Application Development
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  • In this Module, you will create groups of elements, generate ids and keys for faster filtering, and work with data elements contained in other documents.  You will work with grouping elements in order to exclude duplicate values from a node set.
  • Tutorial Session 8.1.  In this session, you will work with location paths and optional axis values to instruct the processor to search nodes in specific step-patterns.  You will use moded templates to differentiate processing instructions.
  • Tutorial Session 8.2.  You will use IDs and keys to create an index of values to speed up filtering and searching.  You will employ XSLT to generate unique IDs for node sets, compare nodes to see if they are equivalent, to create anchor tags.  You will use alternate methods of creating a unique node set that uses generated ids and keys.
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Reading: Textbook Review 7.65 to 7.67, Tutorial 8.01 to 8.28

Assignments: Submit items.xsl, shared.xsl, items1.htm, items2.htm, items.css, items.xml, and logo.jpg

Final Project:  During this week, try to finalize desisions about what type of documents you will need to create and how you will collaborate on the various documents.

Quiz 7 available through April 18.

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All Module 10 work due on Monday, April 18.