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CIS 234 — XML Application Development
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  • This Module works with XML documents using the Document Object Model (DOM).  You will work with DOM in the JavaScript programming language.  You will open XML documents using JavaScript, transform them using XSLT stylesheets, and access and modify XML elements and attributes.  You will also learn how to get error information when parsing XML fails.
  • Tutorial Session 9.1.  You will study the history of document object models and their browser support. Next, you will use JavaScript to create document objects for both XML source documents and XSLT style sheets.  You will use document objects to create result code to display on a Web page.
  • Tutorial Session 9.2.  You work with the DOM to modify the contents and structure of an XML document. You will learn how the DOM organizes the contents of an XML document into a node tree, and how to use JavaScript to work with the properties and methods of the objects within that node tree. You will learn to save the changes you make to the document in a permanent form.
  • Tutorial Session 9.3.  You will create and modify an attribute value, use MSXML to pass values to parameters within an XSLT style sheet, and work with the parseError object.
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Readings: Dynamic HTML, Textbook 9.01 to 9.52 (No Review tasks assigned for Tutorial 8). 

Supplemental Reading:  JavaScript Basics

Assignments: Submit clist.htm, clist.css, clist.xml, clist.xsl, and logo.jpg

Final Project.  Check the Final Project page for updates. During this week students should try to complete their Final Project collaborative effort.

  • WebBoard:  Stay current with all discussion threads.
  • FINAL PROJECT DUE DATES:  The Final Project collaborative phase must be completed on May 6.  Each student must submit their own Final Project files, including the collaborative files, on or before May 9.


Quiz 9 available through May 2.

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All Module 12 work due on Monday, May 2.   All Final Projects due May 9.