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CIS 234 — XML Application Development
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MCC's Distance Learning FAQ Page

Frequently Asked Questions

This page is dedicated to questions that arise about the class and distance learning issues, not about the class topic. To surf for XML information, go to the Links page. I will add questions and answers here as they arise.
Does it matter which e-mail address I use?
You can send e-mail using any e-mail address. However, due to privacy concerns, any communication regarding your grades will be e-mailed to your MCC e-mail address. You must read this e-mail account frequently during semester, or you can set your MCC e-mail to forward to another e-mail address. To do this, enter the MyMCC Portal, select the MYTOOLS tab, and then click on the Email Forwarding Tool link. Posting a Web page form, such as the Orientation quiz, places the e-mail address in your browser preferences as the reply to address. If I click "Reply to" in my e-mail application, the mail gets sent back to whichever address you are using. Check your browser preference settings before using a form.
Where can I find individual assistance with online computer course work?
On the Southern and Dobson campus, in addition to lab assistants, lab instructors are available in the computer lab. The lab instructor schedule is posted online. You can also find individual assistance by contacting the Learning Enhancement Center, And, never hesitate to contact online instructors for help.
When will Assignment Modules and Quizzes be available?
Expect the modules to be available by Fridays, at least a week and two weekends before they are due. Quizzes will be available during the week preceding their due date. Only one quiz will be available per week.
When can I take the Module quizzes?
At any time while the quiz is available, linked on the WebCT class page.
How do I submit homework?
Each Assignment Module lists the files to submit. The submission details (how to submit) are available on the Assignments page. And remember, you may be asked to turn in all your work in electronic form at the end of semester. Backup all work.
Do I really need to compress the homework modules? They are sometimes small files and transfer rapidly.
The reason to zip these modules is related to file transfer problems via e-mail when attaching text files. By compressing the files in a folder, I am assured that they are not corrupted during transfer. And the folder is a convenience for storage on my system.
How do I access WebCT?
You need your MyMCC username and password to accress WebCT. And you need to go to the MCC WebCT server, not the site for the company that makes the software we use to deliver courses. Use the WebCT link in the Navigation bar (above or below).
Can I submit homework in WebCT?
Only the quizzes will be taken in WebCT. The files produced using the textbook should be e-mailed as attachments. See the details in the Assignments page.
Why do I need to compress such small files to submit them?
If plain text files are attached to an e-mail, they can be alltered by the mail system, in particular, line breaks can change.
My assignment does not format correctly in the browser. It is all run together without the line breaks shown in the text. Am I using the wrong browser?
Make sure you are saving your .xml files as plain text. In Windows, for example. observe and set as required, the file type in the Save or Save As window.
What do I do if the server is down?
WebCT will be temporary unavailability for regularly scheduled monthly maintenance, typically on Sunday. Occasionally, at scheduled times, and less so unintentionally, servers are down. Try again in a short time. If ever this interferes with due dates, we will make allowances.
For the initial textbook assignments, which XML editor should I use?
You can use a simple text editor, such as WordPad. Remember, you must save the files as text files with the appropriate extensions. You can use any word processor, as long as you save correctly.
Are the student data files found in the CD that came with the book?
No. There is a Data Files link on the class Web pages. Follow this link and download all the files you need for the semester.
The book CD provides a 120 day trial version of XML Spy 4.3. When should I install this?
Wait until the book requires you to use it. This will maximize your use of the tool.
When I try to access the WebCT or WebBoard, I am not allowed access. Who do I call?
First, if you are an AOL user, make sure you are trying to access WebBoard and WebCT from a recent version of Internet Explorer or Netcscape. Also, make sure you are not behind a firewall on your computer. If these conditions are met and you still do not have access, e-mail the instructor first. You will never be penalized for technical delays.
When I click the "Start Quiz" button in WebCT, nothing happens. What could be wrong?
First, make sure you are not using a pop-up blocker. If that is not the issue, try again a short while later, in case the server is being maintained. If that fails, e-mail the instructor.
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CIS 234 — XML Application Development
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