The Enchanted Highway, Regent, ND 58650
A Photo Gallery by James Q. Jacobs.

The Tin Family

The Tin Family is located 1.5 miles north of Regent on the Enchanted Highway.
At intervals, metal sculptures by Gary Greff adorn picnic area pull-outs.
The sculptures are created of recycled, scrap metal from local farms.
The Tin Family, built beginning in 1991, was the inaugural sculpture.

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Tin Pa is 45' tall, Tin Ma is 44' tall, and Tin Son is 23' tall.

Regent and the Enchanted Highway Area
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Take exit 72 off Interstate 94 east of Dickinson.
The Enchanted Highay spans the 32 miles to Regent.

Enchanted Highway artist/creator Gary Greff being interviewed in Regent.
Numerous members of the local commuity worked on and/or contributed to creating the Enchanted Highway.


Pheasants on the Prairie.

The Pheasants on the Prairie sculptures, built in 1996, took three years to complete.
The rooster is 70' long, 40' tall, and weighs 13,000 pounds.

Black Butte crowns the horizon near the sculptures. Below. Mule deer atop the butte.

Julius Honeyman, who donated land for Pheasants on the Prairie, said (Saturday Evening Post),
"I think it's amazing what one guy with a vision and a dream can do if he puts his mind to it."


Theodore Rosevelt Rides Again.

Theodore Roosevelt Rides Again is a tribute to Roosevelt's role in North Dakota history.
Erected in 1993 and built with well pipe, the sculpture stands 51 feet tall and weighs over 9,000 lbs.

Children enjoy playing in the stagecoach and on other playground features at the pull-outs.

Prairie wildflowers and their miniscule pollinators distract from the massive sculptures.


Fisherman's Dream is the most recent sculpture to be completed.

Below. Gary Greff and Joey Greff, and part of the unpainted work in progress.


Grasshoppers in the Field.  

Grasshoppers in the Field, built in 1999, is a reminder of the risks of farming.
The large grasshopper is 60' long and 40' high.


Geese in Flight

Geese in Flight sculpture, erected in 2001, is the world's largest scrap metal sculpture.
Weighing 78.8 tons, the artwork is 110' tall by 154' wide.


Deer Crossing

Deer Crossing
features a 75-foot-tall buck jumping over a fence.
Powerful winds once toppled the tall, now-reinforced sculpture.

Plentiful mule deer, whitetail deer, and antelope are common sights along the highway.


The Enchanted Highway Gift Shop serves ice cream on Main Avenue in Regent.

A "whirlygig" sculpture animates on demand, to the delight of visiting children and adults.

Hettinger County Historical Society Museums Photo Gallery

Historic Regent Snow Storm, June 6, 2009 Photo Gallery

Buffalo Butte panorama of idyllic Regent, North Dakota, 58650, home of the Enchanted Highway.
Buffalo Butte is a favorite local walk. Visit the Hettinger County Historical Society website.

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