at Machu Picchu.
                        at Machu Picchu.

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Andean Prehistory Tupac Amaru, The Life, Times, and Execution of the Last Inca
Colonialism and Liberation Early Monumental Architecture of the Peruvian Coast
Andean Cosmology Chavin and the Origins of Andean Civilization
The Tello Obelisk Chankillo, Peru, Ancient Solar Observatory?

kalasasaya entrnce and sunken court at tiwanakutiwanaku doorway

Machu Picchu Inti Raimi, Festival of the Sun Tiwanaku
Pisaq Saxsayhuaman The Andes
chavin de huantar latitude illustrated, chavin map

Ancient Monuments in Google Earth 

Spanning the globe, more than 15,000 placemarks of ancient monuments and anthropogenic features visible in satellite imagery, includes most of the 5,000+ monuments with coordinates in my Excel applet. The current version no longer embeds the 5,000 Panoramio photos I selected for archaeological value. Open the files in Google Earth and click the placemarks to display informational balloons and zoom in on sites.

Download - 3.7 MB Google Earth file: archaeogeodesy.kml

Andes Archaeogeodesy Articles and KML Files

Hundreds of Geoglyphs Discovered in the Amazon
brazil geoglyph, geoglifo amazonico, earthworks, #geoglyph
Placemarks file with 500 geoglyphs in Brazil, Peru, and Bolivia.

Space Archaeology in the Amazon, Beni, Bolivia - 734 KB KML file.

Google Earth placemarks file:

huaca del sol placemark illustration

Atacama Desert Art and Archaeology - placemarks of geoglyphs and more - atacama.kml

Ancient Monument Placemarks

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Mound Builders of the Eastern Woodlands: Photo Galleries, Maps, Drawings, and Placemarks
Grave Creek MoundMiamisburg Mound

Southwest Archaeology Photo Gallery PowerPoints - a dozen new presentations.
anasazi pottery

Sillustani, puno, peru
Sillustani Ruins, Puno, Peru
PERU Incidents of Travel and Exploration in the
by E. George Squier,
1877. Tiwanaku.
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