Setting Browser Preferences for E-Mailing Forms

If you attempt to use a form in a Web page, you must have an outgoing mail server address specified in the browser preferences. In the two example images below, I have entered my Internet Service Provider (ISP) mail server's address. Preferences can be found by using the menu bar. Location of the Preferences command varies with browsers and versions. Try the Edit menu first.

When you begin subscription to an ISP, initiating the service from a CD will typically format this preference. However, you may be using several browsers; perhaps only one was correctly configured. If you have a question about the correct address and user name to enter, check your other browsers or contact Technical Support or online information at your ISP. You might also find the Help option in the preferences window useful. And check your system Internet control panel.

MCC students working on campus computers can login to their e-mail accounts. This process will place your identity in the Netscape preferences automatically. If you send a form without logging in to your mail account, your identity will not accompany the e-mail (unless it is entered in the form) and if the recipient uses the reply button, your e-mail address will not recieve the reply.

The following two graphics illustrate setting mail server preferences in Netscape 7.

To find preferences for the mail server, first select Window > Mail and Newsgroups from the menu bar. The image on the right displays the links for your accounts in the Messenger window. You can set up a new account of change the settings of an existing account.

Clicking an account link will display the next graphic, below, illustrating the configuration for the mail server at the Net Zero server. Often, the mail server address will be SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) followed by your ISP domain, in this case smtp.netzero.com.

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