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The 2004 Ohio Presidential Election: Cuyahoga County Analysis:

How Kerry Votes Were Switched to Bush Votes


"Seven-eights of voters in heavily-Democratic Cuyahoga County, more than one of every eight
Ohio Kerry voters, could have voted at an adjacent precinct using the wrong ballot order."

"... I focus on one Presidential election issue, cross-voting—how votes cast one way are counted as a vote for a different candidate or option. I also focus on Ohio and a particular area with one-tenth of the Ohio vote, Cuyahoga County. ... This article discusses problems with the 2004 Ohio Presidential election generally and demonstrates how the Cuyahoga County election was inherently unfair and resulted in many Kerry votes going uncounted, counted as third-party votes, or being switched to Bush votes...."

"In a sample of 166,953 votes, one of every 34 Ohio voters,
the Kerry-Bush margin shifts 6.15% ..."

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PowerPoint presentation featuring highlights from the article.

Download vote_switching.ppt - 700 Kb PowerPoint file.

PowerPoint presentation comparing various probability sorts.
Inadvertent Wrong-Precinct Voting or Vote-Switching Fraud
Download precinct_switching.ppt - 680 Kb PowerPoint file.

2004 Presidential Election Results: PowerPoints Page

Election Results and Analysis: Spreadsheets Page
The spreadsheets include national results and many key state results:
Ohio, Florida, New Mexico, South Dakota, Iowa, Nevada, California, Wisconsin.

Ohio Spreadsheets Page

UPDATED: Cuyahoga County Official Results Spreadsheets

NEW: July 2006 spreadsheet updates with vote-switching probabilities.

Election Fraud, Irregularity, and Reform Headlines
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Milwaukee vote shift.


2004 Presidential Election Results, the Exit Polls vs. the Vote Counts

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