CIS233DA -- The Internet Web Publishing -- Quiz Two

Use a word processor or Composer to complete the quiz. Replace the x's with your responses. The short underlines before and after your answer facilitates grading. Thanks.

Fill in the blanks:

Is CSS case sensitive? __x__ .

A text table uses __x__ or __x__fonts. This is accomplished using the __x__ tag. The other major category of fonts are called __x__ fonts.

Both __x__ and __x__ can be spanned by cells.

Table border color can be controlled with the __x__ attribute of the __x__ element.

Name four reserved target names in HTML: __x__ , __x__ , __x__ , __x__ . What is their distinguishing flag character? Use a word here. __x__ .

A cell background color is controlled with the __x__ tag, while background image is controlled by the __x__ tag.

__x__ allows the page author to control which parts of the borders appear and where they appear.

The only type of frame that can occur within the <body> is called a __x__ or __x__ frame. Its tag set is __x__ and __x__ and always includes the attributes (use HTML) __x__ , __x__ , and __x__ in the opening tag.

A CGI script is a small program that runs on the __x__ , while a JavaScript runs on the __x__ .

Forms are often used to allow your page user to __x__ .

Forms consist of two parts, the __x__ aspects, fields, labels and buttons, and the __x__ aspects.

A <form> tag always requires an __x__ tag.

A <form> tag will include a __x__ tag when more than one form is used or when an identifier is needed by a __x__ .

Name four form input types: __x__ ,__x__ , __x__ , __x__ .

The attributes that modify the form element include: __x__ , __x__ , __x__ , __x__ .

For a set of radio buttons to function as a group they all need the same __x__ .

The two form methods are __x__ and __x__ .

The form attribute that controls the format of the data being transferred is the __x__ property. The default value is __x__ .

Matching: Use each answer only once.

______ Multiple HTML documents.

______ Top, middle or bottom.

______ Parent.

______ Placed in the <head> section.

______ Child.

______ Reserved target name.

______ Frame name.

______ Centered and boldfaced.

______ Cell attribute.

______ Invisible.

______ No body.

a. TR

b. TD

c. TH

d. valign

e. border="0"

f. Frames

g. Frameset

h. colspan

i. target

j. <base>

k. _top

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