CIS233DA -- The Internet Web Publishing -- Quiz Three

Fill in the blanks: Use a word processor or Composer to complete the quiz. Replace the x's with your responses. The short underlines before and after your answer facilitates grading. Thanks.

JavaScript is a __x__ language that describes data and procedures in terms of __x__, __x__, and __x__.

JavaScript runs in the __x__.

Events are __x__ that associate an __x__ with an action.

Expressions are __x__ that assign values to __x__.

JavaScript scripts can be __x__ in an HTML page, can reside in a separate page, or can be placed within certain __x__. The first method placed the script between the <__x__> and <__x__> tags. The second method uses a separate file to contain the script, which must be of the type "__x__" and must be saved with a __x__.

JavaScript __x__ and __x__ can be combined to create functions.

There are many JavaScripts available on the __x__.

JavaScript is a subest of __x__.

When browsers that do not support JavaScript encounter a script they attempt to __x__ in the page. To avoid this problem you hide the script using __x__.

Object properties describe appearance, __x__ or __x__.

Match columns using each answer only once.

______ object and property

______ object and method

______ onBlur

______ Math.ceil

______ getMonth()

______ one equals sign

______ two equals signs

______ two ampersand signs

______ document

______ anchor

______ focus

______ history

______ checked

a. returns a number

b. event handler

c. logical operator

d. bgColor

e. window.status

f. assigns a value

g. rounds value

h. document.write

i. comparison operator

j. name

k. Boolian

l. event

m. back

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