CIS233DA -- The Internet Web Publishing

Assignment. Using Frames in a Web Site.

Create a frameset with three frames in a configuration that nests a second frameset in the first one. Name all the frames. Create a simple logo/header page to fill one frame as original content. Create an HTML page with at least four links, and use it as the original content of one of the frames (your links/navigation page). Target the links to another frame using the <base> tag. Format one of the links so that the the linked page opens in another window. Format one of the links to replace the frame layout. Use any page you want, your own placeholder page or any Web page for the third, targeted frame. For links use your own pages or any Web page in the targeted frame.

Format scrolling, frame borders, resizing, border color, and border width. Add a noframes element with a message about browser compatability and an alternate link that opens your links page. Print the page source of the frameset and the links page you created and highlight all the tags that complete the specifications of the assignment.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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