CIS233DA -- The Internet Web Publishing

Home Page Assignment -- Due Sept. 25.

Readings:  Creating Tables and Using Netscape Composer.

Assignment: Use the HTML editing method of your choice to create a site home page. This should be the main page of your Web site, or of some hypothetical Web site. The page must include the following elements and attributes:

  • Title and subtitle (or author byline) with header formatting.
  • A list.
  • A table with either row span or column span.
  • At least three links (can be to as-yet-uncreated pages) to other parts of the site.
  • Both a text and an image e-mail link.
  • A top of page link at the bottom and a corresponding anchor at the top.
  • At least one image other than the e-mail link.
  • Both a title and and an author meta tag in the head.
  • A character set tag in the head.
  • Formatting of the link and font color in the body tag.
  • Color formatting of font in the page that overrides the body tag.
  • Modification of font size (more than one font size in the body, not including headers).

Grading will be based on completion of these specifications. Remember, you can use the page you create, in a modified form, as part of your final assignment. You can use this assignment to begin developing your Web site. There is no restriction on the subject matter.

Printouts: Print both the page from a browser and the code from a word processor. Highlight or underline the tags that fulfill the above specifications.

Objective: Demonstrate the material you have learned to date. Be creative and artistic. Employ the design criteria we have discussed.

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