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CIS 234 — XML Application Development
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  • Tutorial Session 1.1 introduces the history and theory of XML. You will compare the features of XML and HTML. You will also create XML documents using a text editor. Finally, you will learn about well-formed and valid XML documents and how XML ensures the integrity and consistency of the data.
  • Tutorial Session 1.2 explores the structure of XML documents. You will create a simple XML document and describe the document features in the prolog. You will study how to work with elements and attributes, how to insert comments, and how to use character references. Finally, you will learn how to create attributes for the document’s elements.
  • Tutorial Session 1.3 explores the common features and differences between Internet Explorer and Netscape in displaying XML documents. You will also learn how to link an XML document to a Cascading Style Sheet with processing instructions.
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Readings:  XML Basics and Textbook 1.00 to 1.32

Discussion Topic:  Introductions. Get to know your classmates.  To be posted by Monday, Feb. 7.
Go to the WebBoard and read the parameters and instructions.

Assignments:  Submit Tutorial 1 files: Jazz.xml and JW.css

Quiz 1 Quizzes will be available on WebCT at least one week before their due dates.

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All Module 1 work due on Monday, Jan. 31.