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CIS 234 — XML Application Development
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  • Binding XML Data. This tutorial explores the concept of data binding and the advantages of separating the data from thedisplay formatting. You will learn create a Web application using data stored in an XML file. You will learn how to attach data from an XML document to a Web page. You will use different binding techniques and a variety of data sources, from simple records to complex hierarchical recordsets.
  • Tutorial Session 2.1 explores how to interpret XML documents in terms of fields, records, and recordsets, and how to bind HTML tags to specific XML elements. You will examine how to reference a data source by adding a data island to a Web page. You will bind data from a single record to a Web page.
  • Tutorial Session 2.2 explores data binding with element attributes. You will learn how to work with XML documents with multiple records. You will work with the recordset object in order to navigate through a collection of records within a single Web page. Finally, you will study the data-access technology supported by Microsoft called ActiveX Data Objects (ADO). You will learn to apply a method to the Data Source Object (DSO) and access the DSO’s properties.
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Readings: Textbook 1.32 and 2.00 to 2.34

Assignments: Submit Review Assignment 1.32 files: JW2.css and Rare.xml

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All Module 2 work due on Monday, Feb. 6.