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CIS 234 — XML Application Development
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  • This tutorial covers XML document validation, a process to prevent errors in content or structure.  You will create Document Type Definitions (DTD), declare elements and attributes, and specify document structure. You will create and work with parsed and unparsed entities.
  • Tutorial Session 3.1.  XML is used to create element declarations, specifing which elements are valid. You will create and use internal and external DTDs.  You will specify document structure, indicating information about nested elements.
  • Tutorial Session 3.2.  You will work with XML element attributes.  You will declare an attribute list and specify the type of content that can be stored in an attribute.  You will specify default values for attributes and indicate if attributes are required or optional.  You will install XML Spy software and use the software to validate documents.
  • Tutorial Session 3.3 explores how to create and work with entities. You will work with general entities to store long text strings. You will create parameter entities to store elements and attributes. You will use unparsed entities to include binary data in XML documents.
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Reading: XML Document Type Definitions.  Textbook 3.01 to 3.42

Discussion Topic:  Interoperability.  Where do you stand on the issue?  To be posted by Monday, March 1.
Go to the WebBoard and read the parameters and instructions.

Assignments: Submit Orders.xml, Items.dtd, HW.dtd, HWList.xml, Pixal.xml, SW.dtd, SWList.xml

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All Module 4 work due on Monday, Feb. 28.