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CIS 234 — XML Application Development
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  • This module explores namespaces and schemas in XML documents, how to create namespaces, how to apply namespaces to elements and attributes, and how to create schemas using XML schema dialect.  You will create different schema structures; complex type, model, groups, and attribute groups.  You will explore built-in and user-derived data types supported by XML Schema.  Finally, you will learn how to annotate a schema.
  • Tutorial Session 4.1.  You will add namespaces to an XML document, and apply namespaces to elements and attributes. You will learn about the repercussions of using namespaces on a document DTD.
  • Tutorial Session 4.2.  You will study the advantages and disadvantages of schemas, their history, and their dialects.  You will create a schema, use it to declare the features and properties of the elements and attributes in an XML document, and attach the schema to a document.
  • Tutorial Session 4.3.  You will study different schema structures and their advantages and disadvantages.  You will study how to create complex types, model groups, and attribute groups.  You will learn how to derive customized data types using base types, and how to create lists, unions, and restrictions of data types.  You will work with XML Schema regular expressions to apply character patterns to element content. Finally, you will learn how to document complicated schema files.
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Reading:  Namespaces in XML.  Textbook 4.01 to 4.56

Assignments:  Submit Patient.xml, PSchema1.xsd, PSchema2.xsd, SSchema1.xsd, UHDTD.dtd, and UHosp.xml

Discussion Topic:  Interoperability.  What do you think about the other posts?  Replies to other opinions and responses to be posted Monday, Mar. 8. Go to the WebBoard.

Quiz 3   Available to Mar. 12.

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All Module 5 work due on Monday, March 8.