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CIS 234 — XML Application Development
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  • This module reviews working with namespaces and Schema and begins work with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). You will learn the history and theory of CSS. You will link XML documents to style sheets.  You will create styles and control document layout using styles. They will learn to  You will apply styles to document elements.
  • Tutorial Session 5.1.  The first CSS session presents the history and theory of CSS, and how to apply CSS to an XML document.  You will link XML files to extended style sheets.  You will study CSS declaration syntax, apply styles to XML element groups, and use styles to set dimensions and locations of XML elements.
  • Tutorial Session 5.2.  The second CSS session covers formatting block-level elements by modifying the border, margin, and padding space.  You will modify text font size, color, and alignment using styles.  You will apply styles to create colored backgrounds and text.
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Reading:  Cascading Style Sheets.  Textbook: Review 4.58 to 4.61, Tutorial 5.01 to 5.47.

References:  An important aspect of programming is using references.  This is not a reading assignment per se.  Simply familiarize yourself with this reference: XML Schema W3C Recommendation.  Also, check out several other references on the XML Links page.

Assignments:  Submit CCC.xml and SSchema.xsd

Quiz 4  Available through Mar. 21.

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All Module 6 work due on Monday, March 15.

Then Enjoy Spring Break!