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CIS 234 — XML Application Development
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  • In this Module (Tutorial Session 5.3), you will learn to display images in an XML document using the background-image style.  You will learn to use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to select an image file, place the image within an element, and control how the image tiles across the element space.  You will work with id and class attributes to display specific images using Internet Explorer.  You will also use namespaces to insert HTML tags directly into an XML document to control document appearance.
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Reading: Textbook 5.48 to 5.56 and Review 5.57 to 5.58

Assignments: Submit Tutorial files bike.css and bike.xml, and Review files bike2.css and bike2.xml

References:  Familiarize yourself with and bookmark these recommendations and references:

Discussion Topic:  References.  One posting due on Monday, March 28. Go to the WebBoard and read the Parameters and Instructions in the References Conference.

Quiz 5  Available Mar. 18 through Mar. 28.

Mid-term Test  Available Mar. 18 through Mar. 28.

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All Module 7 work due on Monday, March 28.