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CIS 234 — XML Application Development
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  • This Module explores Extensible Style sheet Language (XSL).  You will learn the history and theory of Extensible Style sheet Language Transformations (XSLT), and create an XSLT style sheet.  You will utilize the syntax of the XPath language to reference a node.  You will create templates to format XML document sections and transform XML data into other formats, including HTML.  You will sort XML document contents, and use comparison elements and predicates.  You will also use XSLT to insert new elements and attributes in transformed documents.
  • Tutorial Session 6.1.  XSL and the XSL languages, XSLT and XPath, will be introduced.  You will learn to create an XSLT style sheet and write HTML code to a result document.  You will study XPath syntax to navigate the hierarchical structure of an XML document.  You will use XSLT to transform an XML document into an HTML file.
  • Tutorial Session 6.2.  You will display values from a source document in a result document.  You will create and use templates to write easy to develop and maintain code.  You will use XSLT’s built-in templates in style sheets.  And you will display attribute values in a result document.
  • Tutorial Session 6.3.  You will sort nodes in a specific order.  You will create and use comparison elements to allow changing contents in a result document based on a source document.  You will use predicates to create subsets from a source document.  You will also use XSLT to create elements and attributes in result documents.
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Reading: Textbook 6.01 to 6.56 and Review 6.57 to 6.62

Final Project:

  • Read the Final Project page.
  • Discussion Topic: Conference available Monday, Mar. 28.  Go to the WebBoard to read the Parameters and Instructions of the Final Project Conference. Post your first topic.

Assignments: Submit stock.xml, stock.xsl, stock.css, stock.htm, stock2.xml, stock2.xsl, stock2.css, stock2.htm, and images.

Quiz 6  Available Mar. 29 through April 11.

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All Module 8 work due on Monday, April 4.