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ARTICLE: How Kerry Votes Were Switched to Bush Votes

View PowerPoint presentations featuring highlights from the article.

Download vote_switching.ppt - 700 Kb PowerPoint file.

"How Kerry Votes were Switched to Bush Votes,"
the PowerPoint, introduces the viewer to key factors influencing
vote-switching in Cuyahoga County's 2004 Presidential election.

  • Votes Assigned to Wrong Candidates!
  • Cross-Voting and Vote-Switching
  • Candidate Support Determines Cross-Voting Impact
  • Ballot Order Combinations Determine Cross-Vote Outcomes
  • Ballot Orders and Vote-Switching Probabilities
  • More ...

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Inadvertent Wrong-Precinct Voting or Vote-Switching Fraud
NEW June 2007 - Download precinct_switching.ppt - a 680 Kb PowerPoint
featuring a comparison of various probability sorts.

" In a subset of 166,953 votes, one of every 34 Ohio voters,
the Kerry-Bush margin shifts 6.15% ... "

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Download the Database: cuyahoga_precincts.mdb
Download the Spreadsheets: cuyahoga_probability.xls  |  cuyahoga_precincts_subsets.xls

Article Excerpts:

"Questions have been raised about the fairness of the 2004 Presidential election in the United States of America (US). In 2000, the US post-election focus was on Florida, on fairness of punch card voting, and on vote count accuracy. In 2004, Ohio's failure to replace punch card voting with improved systems is just one of many issues raised with regard to the Ohio 2004 Presidential election. Other fairness, fraud, and irregularity issues include a variety of forms of voter suppression, vote-switching, cross-voting, paperless voting, provisional ballot counting, voter registration fraud, secrecy, electronic voting security, politization of process, and recount issues.

"In the following article I focus on one Presidential election issue, cross-voting—how votes cast one way are counted as a vote for a different candidate or option. I also focus on Ohio and a particular area with one-tenth of the Ohio vote, Cuyahoga County. ... This article discusses problems with the 2004 Ohio Presidential election generally and demonstrates how the Cuyahoga County election was inherently unfair and resulted in many Kerry votes going uncounted, counted as third-party votes, or being switched to Bush votes...."

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Election Results and Analysis: The Spreadsheets
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