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Corvallis Saturday Farmers Market

The Oregon Country Fair - 2007

The Midnight Show

Oregon Official Ballot Drop Site. Oregon mail-in ballot drop boxes save postage.

A rare, sunset rainbow illuminating streaks of rain over the high desert of Eastern Oregon.

The largest eruption of Mt. St. Helens before May 18, 1980, spewed steam and a heavy ash fall, and also enlarged the vent near the summit to about 100 yards.  Then clouds covered the mountain and the vent sealed until the catastrophic eruption decapitated the symmetrical peak.

Eruption of Mt. St. Helens
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Mt. St. Helens Early Eruptions   |   Mt. St. Helens Destruction

Read about all the Cascade volcanoes in my article: The Volcanoes of the Cascades:
Majestic and Perilous Natural Wonders Crown the Pacific Northwest Landscape

Elk grazing a meadow near Mist, Oregon, as clouds lift from the Coast Range forest.
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Store and hills in late afternoon light, New Pine Creek, Oregon.

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