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Pictograph, Great Ghost Gallery, Horseshoe Canyon, Canyonlands National Park.
Rock surfaces employed by artists preserve a graphic record of prehistory world-wide, in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas. The Southwest region of the United States of America has the greatest concentration of rock art in the Americas. In the dry desert environment, with its profusion of rock surfaces and shelters, an incomparable cultural legacy is preserved.

The rock art pages below feature a photo gallery of some of the best desert West and Southwest rock art accompanied by an article series focused on Colorado Plateau rock art. Article links and rock art links follow.

Grand Galleries
of the Ancients
An overview of the rock art of the Colorado Plateau, with photography and imagery from all over the American West.
Pecos River Style
Rock Art
Imagery of Pecos River Style rock art near the confluence of the Pecos and Rio Grande Rivers in West Texas. Little text.

Rock Art in the Fremont Culture Region of the Colorado Plateau

Petroglyphs, Dry Fork, Vernal, Utah.

Barrier Canyon Style
Page 1
An introduction focused on Canyonlands National Park, with the Harvest Scene in the Maze District and the Great Gallery.
Barrier Canyon Style
Page 2
Sites west of the Green and Colorado Rivers. Buckhorn Wash and Sinbad panels are featured.
Barrier Canyon Style
Page 3
Sites east of the Green and Colorado River confluence, with Sego Canyon, Courthouse Wash and Seven Mile Canyon.
Northeastern Utah
Page 1
Sites near Vernal, Utah, with a discussion of Classic Vernal Style. The Ashley Creek and Dry Fork sites are featured.
Northeastern Utah
Page 2
Sites in the vicinity of and within Dinosaur National Monument, with McKee Springs and Rainbow Park area sites.
Fremont Area Rock Art Fremont Culture area sites in northeastern Utah. This page, added in 2005, has larger image files.
Prehistoric pictograph, Barrier Canyon Style.Prehistoric pictograph, Barrier Canyon Style.
Rock Art in the Puebloan Region of the Colorado Plateau
Grand Gulch Primitive
Area, Page 1
This page covers the upper portion of the canyon, above the junction with Bullet Canyon. Green Mask site is featured.
Grand Gulch Primitive
Area, Page 2
The lower half of the Canyon, from Step Canyon to Red Man Canyon, features Quail Panel, Big Man Panel, and Big Panel.
Puebloan Pictography A gallery of pictographs, particularly Painted Cave, Navajo Nation, Arizona.
Canyon de Chelly
Rock Art
Canyon de Chelly has a large concentration of Basketmaker, Puebloan and Navajo rock art. Limited text. Some links.
Pictographs.  Painted cave anthropomorphs.
The Dawn of Rock Art A summary of the earliest known rock art, with a focus on recently discovered European cave painting. Text and video embeds.
Rock Art Dating and Conservation Summary of a rock art dating paper on the All-American Man panel, with a commentary on modern destruction of rock art.
The Ekonk Hill
Petroglyph Site
An essay focused on the possible archaeogeodesic significance of an arrangement of petroglyphed boulders in Connecticut.
Grimes Point, Nevada One of the most important and accessible rock art sites in the Great Basin. PowerPoint included.

The following two linked files present 600 dpi JPEG files of my ink rendition
artworks. The images were projected from slides to achieve photorealistic
accuracy. You may duplicate one copy per person for personal or
educational use only. They are sized to print on 8.5 x 11 paper.

Rochester Creek - 1 MB ---- Newspaper Rock, Utah - 940 Kb

Petroglyph, deer, Arches National Park, Moab, Utah.Some of my art work recreates rock art
imagery in pottery, paper casts,
ink renditions, woodcuts, and digital media.

The Rock Art Images and Illustrations Collection page
is an introduction to my transparency and
illustration collection, with a rock art site listing
of stock photos in the transparency collection.

Desk Pictures featuring rock art panel renditions and photography.


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Southwest Archaeology PowerPoints
Aztec Ruins
Chaco Culture National Historical Park
Pueblo Bonito
Mesa Verde
Edge of the Cedars
Gran Quivira
Maxwell Museum
Pecos Pueblo
Anasazi Heritage Center
Abó Mission
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Rock Art Preservation Links
Be sure to read about rock art etiquette before you visit rock art sites.

Pictography and graffiti vandalism, Nine Mile Canyon, Utah.


MINIMIZING YOUR IMPACT on rock art sites.

CRYTOGAMIC/CRYPTOBIOTIC SOIL Watch your every step in the desert.

Recommended Rock Art Links
Petroglyph art, Sheep Kokopelli.

TRACCE, the first Online and Worldwide
Rock Art Bulletin

International Federation of Rock Art Organizations (IFRAO)

American Rock Art Research Association    |   Bradshaw Foundation

ROCK ART STUDIES: A Bibliographic Database at the Bancroft Library
containing over 10,000 citations to the world's rock art literature.

World Heritage Rock Art Sites


NEXT is Grand Galleries of the Ancients,
an introduction to Colorado Plateau rock art.
The pages were written as a series.
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