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Ink Renditions

rochester creek petroglyph panel drawing A great way to share the rewards of and spare others the difficulty of those long hikes in the hot desert searching for rock art sites is by creating ink renditions of the prehistoric panels. Initially, I just enjoyed using a portfolio of renditions to introduce people to many of the spectacular petroglyph panels and pictographs scattered across the American West. I have since sold image collections to Bishop Gallery and rendered panels for private parties.

In 1983, I first created rock art ink renditions in order to show collegues, family, and friends the art without the graffiti. My first project recreated Buckhorn Wash in thirteen side-by-side views. When I showed the drawings to Santa Fe gallery owners and personnel, noone knew what they were. That certainly changed quickly, as rock art imagery became ubiquitous in current art. During 1986-1987 I created more drawings to illustrate my travel journal, Finding America.

My intent has always been to reproduce scientific illustrations. The drawings are produced by carefully tracing projected slides to achieve accurate renditions. I use India ink, typically on 30" x 22" watercolor paper. Some background images on my web pages were created using the drawings. A collection of these for public use can be seen in the Archaeo Art Gallery. My rock art renditions are also collected in a private volume entitled Archaeo Art, Prehistoric Rock Art.

The framed rendition above is of the Rochester Creek petroglyph panel. You can link to a 1 MB, 600 dpi file of this and another image below. The images are sized to print on 8.5 x 11 paper. While they are copyrighted images and all rights are reserved, without further permission you may print a copy for personal use or use the images for educational purposes or in scientific literature. The images were projected from slides to achieve photorealistic accuracy. While perspective and lenses (camera and projector) impact rendition, camera-to-rock and projector to paper angles, matched focal lengths, and related variables were accounted for to maximize realistic rendition.

The next two links lead to the 600 dpi black-on-white images.

Rochester Creek - 1 MB ---- Newspaper Rock, Utah - 940 Kb

ancient rock art imagery

Some colorized desk pictures of these and other renditions are created. One is a Puebloan petroglyph panel in a remote National Parks location (detail above), the second (detail below) is a Fremont rock art panel in eastern Utah. Both desk pictures are 1024 x 768 pixel, highest quality jpegs. Here follow links to more rock art rendition digital images.

Desk Picture Calendars with rock art renditions  |  Desktop Pictures Gallery

Petroglyph Panel Desk Picture -- 294 Kb -- a 45-foot-wide Puebloan petroglyph panel.

Cottonwood Canyon dot group panel (200 Kb), tan or blue.

cottonwood canyon rock art

For more information, see the Rock Art Images and Illustrations Collection page,
an introduction to my transparency and illustration collection.

classic vernal rock art type site

Contact me to commission renditions or to acquire image rights.
For framed work contact Heirloom Gallery or Pegasus Gallery.
Bishop Gallery collected some of the finest panels rendered.

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