Miscellaneous Writings by James Q. Jacobs

FINDING AMERICA, A Journal of Anthropological Inquisition

is a book-length account of my 1985-1986 journey from Oregon to Panama and back. The volume is a real-time-written mixture of history, anthropology, archaeology, rock art, a search for the First Americans, politics, and the wars in Central America. Plus all the things I didn't know were going to happen next. Six separate parts are introduced on the contents page.

Piramide del sol

My interests combined in a Mesa Community College Integrated Studies class entitled American Indian Heritage and World View. Our professors, Dr. Rick Effland and Beverly Warne, artfully blended serious writing and study assignments with first hand experiences, such as Native American art, dancers, drumming, flute music, a Pow Wow, a museum visit and Native American guest speakers. Here are my class writing assignments: American Indian Heritage and World View Writings.

The following papers were written for an Arizona State University class entitled Language and Culture (ASB 481) and taught by Dr. Elizabeth Brandt. The first two were chosen as model papers. The Rattlesnakes of Arizona is an ethnographic interview project. Cyberspace is a Parallel World is a metaphor mapping and analysis project. "I’m Not a Crook."  The Public Face and Private Political Reality of Richard M. Nixon is a discourse and conversation analysis of some Nixon tapes, featuring some of my favorite crimes by our past president.

Richard Nixon

If you are interested in the Pacific Northwest or volcanoes check out Volcanoes of the Cascades. Many volcanoes from Mt. Shasta in Northern California to Mt. Rainier near Seattle, including Mt. St. Helens, are described. Also, check out the Mt. St. Helens photo galleries, with images of the mountain erupting before the top blew off, and the destruction wrought when the summit was obliterated. Download the desk picture of this image.

Mt. St. Helens Eruption before may 1980.

I wish I were back in the Amazon Basin hanging out on the Pichis River with the Campa Indians, instead of in an Arizona suburb - my personal version of "It's better to have a palapa in Yalapa than a condo in Redondo." During my Peace Corps service (1969-71), I was very impressed when my Campa friends could cure my ailments efficaciously with local plants. For details read this personal experience story A Brief Note Regarding Campa Medical Practices.

When did humans first arrive in Australia? Down Under History Takes Giant Leap Back discusses evidence related to the first humans in Australia, and the history of the Western discovery of Australia during recent centuries. How well do we know history?

Here follow several articles written for a Journalism class.

Is Your Job Killing You? is about workplace exposure to hazardous chemicals. If your employer has not provided specific training related to hazardous material in the workplace you should read this article. Links to sites with further information are provided.

STD's Top New List provides some basic information and several good links.

I wrote a short non-fiction personal adventure called Rob, Knife and Bite. Be forwarned that the details include violence—how I received nine stab wounds. The story is excerpted and condensed from Finding America.

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