CIS233DA -- The Internet Web Publishing

Final Assignment. Creating a Web Site.

Create a complete and integrated Web site. Use your site to demonstrate the skills you have learned during the course. Think of this exercise as a job tryout where you want to present your abilities. Layout, design, and structure of your pages should be one of your focuses at this point. Creativity, artistry, organization, clean code, spelling, grammar, and the extent of Web authoring skills demonstrated will influence your grade. This is not a simple checklist assignment. However, there are minimum requirements.

Your site must include:

  • A Home page and at least five other Web pages. The Home page introduces the site to the users. It should give a clear idea of the site's contents and provide links to the contents.
  • A Frames page. This can be a simple navigation header with a main frame for outside linked pages, or your entire site can be organized in frames. Have at least one targeted link that replaces the frameset.
  • A Forms page. Make this a separate page. Use radio buttons, check boxes, text and text area input elements, at a minimum. Use e-mail for the action.
  • Styles. Create a Cascading Style Sheet. Create and employ at least two unique classes. Use the .css page to format all the pages of the site. Use internal style in the <head> of at least one page to override the external styles. Use an embedded style to override the external style in at least one location.
  • Javascripting. Use at least two JavaScripts somewhere in the site. These should be different than the textbook exercises. One of these must use a script in the head section.
  • Multimedia. Include sound or video in the site.
  • The pages must include the following meta/head tags: content type, title, author, keywords and description.
  • Publishing. Your site must be published on the World Wide Web. A link will be placed on our class Home page.
  • Presentations. Students will use the classroom projection system to demonstrate their sites, as published on the World Wide Web, to the classroom on Dec. 4. Show each page and discuss some of the features. Ask for questions. This exercise is intended to mimic the process of presenting your professional work to a client/employer. To accomodate all students an eight minute limit will be imposed. The presentation can be accomplished in less than five minutes.
  • Scoring. The Web site assignment is worth 40 points. The presentation is worth 20 points. Publishing is worth 20 points.
  • Printouts. Turn in a single sheet of paper with your name, the name of your Web site, the URL of the home page, and a graphic illustrating the site organization. I will access the site online to grade your work.

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