ARTWORK by James Q. Jacobs

POTTERY III -- Recent Work -- Rock Art Imagery
McKee Spring Panel.
Left tile is glazed with Bone Ash.  Right tile is glazed with Orange Carbon Trap Shino over red iron oxide.  Sizes are about 13" x 17".

Father Sun, El Creston, NM.  
Purple Haze over red iron oxide.
Size is 12.5" x 14.5".

Mother Earth, El Creston, NM.  
Kurt's Clear thin over red iron oxide.
Size is 13.5" x 18"

Sand Island, Utah.
Red Ash glaze.
Sizes of next four are about 10.5" x 12.5".

Sand Island, Utah.
Orange Carbon Trap Shino glaze.

Shay Canyon, UT.
Woo Blue glaze over red iron oxide.

Ashley Creek, Utah.
Bone Ash glaze.

McKee Spring Petroglyph
Kurt's Clear very thin over cobalt carbonate and red iron oxide.  Size is 10" x 17.5".
Glaze Formulas:  Cone 10  |  Cone 6/7  |  Raku

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