ARTWORK by James Q. Jacobs

POTTERY V -- Recent Work

Scale: The tall wedding vase is over 20 inches,
and the wide bowl is 12 inches.

This is a sampler of some of my recent pottery. 
All the above pots are cone 7, reduction fired.
Several raku pieces are shown below.

Click images for larger views.
Ten inch tall jar thrown with recycled studio clay pugged with added red iron oxide. Wannamaker glaze was poured over the exterior. White areas have the thickest glaze. The rim was dipped after pouring.
Lidded jar, 16 inches tall, thrown with studio pug clay with added red iron oxide. Spray glazed with a coat of Bone Ash, followed by a varied coat of red iron oxide, then another coat of Bone Ash. The iron spots are eruptions of oxide added to the clay body.
These two pieces were thrown as a pair. The lidded jar is 15 inches tall and 10 inches wide. The vase is over 11 inches tall and wide. Both pieces sprayed with Bone Ash glaze over red iron oxide spray.
Octagon wedding jar sprayed with Bone Ash over red iron oxide spray.
Wedding vases (so named for the 'two become one' symbolism) sprayed with Bone Ash over red iron oxide spray.

Bone Ash glazed bowl,
12 in. wide by 7 in. tall.

Porcelain lidded vessel with Blue Hawaii glaze.

Bone Ash and Temoku bowl, 11 in. wide by 8 in. tall.

Inscription Point, AZ, petroglyph image. JQ's Fat White raku glaze, over porcelain slip sprayed on greenware.

Pueblo Black glaze sprayed on 16 in. slip cast slab.

Porcelain octagon plate, 14 in. high, raku fired with Cobalt Flash glaze.

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