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Archaeogeodesy Placemarks, Ancient Monuments in Google Earth v2018  
Spanning the globe, more than 15,000 placemarks of ancient monuments and anthropogenic features visible in satellite imagery, created during a decade of space archaeology applied to ancient monument research. This file includes most of the 4,500+ monuments with coordinates in the Excel applet. The current placemarks file no longer embeds the 5,000 Panoramio photos I selected for archaeological value. Google deleted the Panoramio site.

Download - 3.4 MB Google Earth file: archaeogeodesy.kml

ArchaeoGeodesy Applet v2017
Updated Excel application includes new sites from Amazon surveys and other recent research.
Download - 2.3 MB Excel file: archaeogeodesy.xls

Development continues. Please obtain and contribute monument GPS readings.

" 11 Ahau was the katun when they carried on their backs. Then the land-surveyor first came; this was Ah Ppizte who measured the leagues. Then there came the chacté shrub for marking the leagues with their walking sticks. Then he came Uac-hab-nal to pull the weeds along the leagues, when Mizcit Ahau came to sweep clean the leagues, when the land-surveyor came. These were long leagues that he measured. ..."

"... the great mounds came to be built by the lineages and all the things which the rulers did. They were the ones who built the mounds. It took thirteen katuns and six years for them to construct them. The following was the beginning of the mounds they built. Fifteen four-hundreds were the scores of their mounds, and fifty more made the total count of the mounds they constructed all over the land. "

THE BOOK OF CHILAM BALAM OF CHUMAYEL, Ralph L. Roys, 1933, Carnegie Institution Washington D.C.

Newark Archaeogeodesy
Assessing Evidence of Geospatial Intelligence in the Americasmiamisburg mound at sunrise with fall colors

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