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Water Politics and the History of
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Diabetes: Thrifty Genotype
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Rattlesnakes of Arizona
The Chaco Meridian
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betatakin alcove deskpicture, navajo national monument, arizona
Betatakin Alcove and Ruins 1280 pixel deskpicture or 2560 x 1440 wide-screen view (1.25 MB).

cliff palace, mesa verde national park

pueblo bonito, chaco canyon

classic vernal rock art type panel

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Aztec Ruins
Chaco Culture National Historical Park
Pueblo Bonito
Mesa Verde
Edge of the Cedars
Gran Quivira
Maxwell Museum
Coronado State Monument
Pecos Pueblo
Anasazi Heritage Center
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katchina bridge, natural bridges

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Chaco Canyon
Hovenweep NM
Salinas Pueblo Missions NM
  Aztec NM
Mesa Verde NP
  Spring 2007 GPS Placemarks
SW USA Spring 2007 ArchaeoBlog    |   Ancient Monument Placemarks

 anasazi tower ruin
ancient earth mound

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ancestral puebloan wall, aztec national monument
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