Earthworks of Eastern North America
Miamisburg Mound, Ohio

Miamisburg Mound, Ohio


"This, the largest mound in Ohio, has never been explored. It is mentioned here partly to give the reader an idea of its massive proportions, partly to correct some errors of statement. Squier and Davis say it:

"is 68 feet in perpendicular height, and 852 in circumference, containing 3113.53 cubic feet."
- Squier and Davis, 5.

"If the linear measurements are correctly given, as they probably are, the cubic contents of the mound are more than five times as much as their computation; because with the same height and base an exact cone would contain somewhat more than 1,300,000 cubic feet, while a segment of a sphere is more than one-half larger. The mound comes between these in shape and consequently in volume."

"Howe states in one place that it:

"measures about 11OO feet around the base, and rises to a height of 67 feet. ... Many years since a shaft was sunk from the top; at first some human bones were exhumed, and at a depth of about 11 feet, the ground sounding hollow, the workmen were afraid to progress,"- Howe: II, 566.

"A little farther on he gives a confused account, flicting measurements, of an attempt at examination dent citizens" who

"sunk a shaft five or six feet in diameter from the top to two feet below the base." They found "eighty feet from the top a human skeleton, in a sitting posture." - Howe: II, .569.

"A depth of "eighty feet" would bring the diggers about 12 feet below the natural surface, His first statement may be correct; the second certainly is not, for the appearance of the mound proves that although a shaft was begun it was not carried nearly to the bottom."

Sunrise from Miamisburg Mound, Ohio.

Sunrise from Miamisburg Mound, Ohio.

Sunrise from Miamisburg Mound, Ohio.

Sunrise from Miamisburg Mound, Ohio, interpretation plaque.

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