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Landscape Geometry of the 'Cursus' and Stonehenge

2008.06.12 - Stonehenge is in the news again, this time due to new dating of the "Cursus". Permalink.

The Ur and Harran Latitudes, and Göbekli Tepe

2008.04.25 - When is a "moon temple" an observatory? Recent press reports called my attention to Göbekli Tepe in Turkey ... more ...

"... latitude at Harran equals 3/4 atan and at Ur 3/5 atan ..."

2008.04.16 - New Google Earth Placemarks - I just uploaded new SW Archaeology Spring 2007 GPS Placemarks files, and an Excel dataset with all SW 2007 waypoints. Finally! I journeyed in the Southwest fully a year ago. To better share the customized placemark formatting, I saved as KML files), readable UTF-8 text. Google Earth uses two formats, KMZ and KML. The KML files display a readable XML application, and KMZ is the zipped format of KML. To examine code, open KML files in any simple text editor. KMZ files can be saved as KML in Google Earth. I first created the file with Excel using the column fill down command for the redundant code snippets. With this method, hundreds of placemarks incorporating a custom design can be created quickly with any dataset.

Google Earth Placemark Files
Chaco Canyon
Mesa Verde
Hovenweep NM
Aztec Ruins
Utah Ruins
Colorado Ruins
Ancient Monuments Placemarks

Don't miss my entire collection of Ancient Monuments Placemarks. A popular download is The Inca Tail and Machu Picchu. I recommend the Chicama-Moche Canal. It is set up to navigate along the length of the canal by clicking the placemarks in sequence. Some of the Eastern Woodlands files includes Squier and Davis map overlays. I plan to update the Southwest file with image thumbnails and overlay maps, and previous files with styling. That may take another year!

An archaeology web log by James Q. Jacobs

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Due to family, friends, and students requesting images of my journey
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"Antiquity willfully veils the truth so that the fool will go astray and only the wise may know." 
Phaedrus, writer of fables, writing in Rome.

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