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Chavin de Huantar Archaeogeodesy

2018-11-22 - Chavin de Huantar Archaeogeodesy discussion now posted. New findings made in the process of writing the article are included in the updated chavin.kml along with more image embeds, text, and links. Newark Archaeogeodesy is also updated.

2018-10-20 - International Archaeology Day — New Chavin de Huantar Archaeogeodesy web page and KML posted — Discussion will follow. Happy Archaeology Day.

Download the Google Earth KML file: http://www.jqjacobs.net/kml/chavin.kml
The results placemarks may seem esoteric to those not familiar with my code, previous writing, and KML files.
Discussion in the Casma-Sechin Archaeogeodesy web page is intended to help overcome that obstacle.


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Pi Day 2018

2018.03.14 - I'm celebrating #PiDay and the combination of mathematics and ancient monuments by releasing a new KML file featuring selected monument relationships expressing pi. Here's a sample of the Tikal mentions:

Tikal Radial Pyramid - Monte Alban Plaza - Monks Mound
arcs ratio @ Tikal = 1.0 : 3.141480 (+27m)
Tikal Great Plaza - Monte Alban Plaza - Pueblo del Arroyo Kiva C
arcs ratio @ Monte Alban = 1.0 : 3.141597 (-1m)
Tikal Pyramid III - Calakmul Pyramid - Itza Caracol
arcs ratio @ Calakmul = 1.0 : 3.141500 (+3m)
Tikal Pyramid III - Machu Picchu Torreon - Luxor
arcs ratio @ Machu Picchu = 1.0 : 3.1415956 (-9m)

Download Great Circles, Ancient Monuments, and Pi:  http://www.jqjacobs.net/kml/pi.kml

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Amazon Archaeology

2018.01.06 - Celebrating 25 years of archaeogeodesy and a decade of space archaeology continues with release of more Google Earth files. During the past two years high resolution satellite imagery updates enabled more surveys in the Amazon. Coverage includes the tierra firme geoglyphs region in Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru, and the Llanos de Mojos in Bolivia including the Monumental Mounds Region in SE Beni. The Llanos de Mojos, the immense seasonal flood plains in the Bolivian Amazon, is noteworthy for the amount of earthmoving visible in satellite imagery.

Previously unknown, immense ancient monuments are now visible and reported. Given coverage voids still remain in my survey of the region, more surprise discoveries may follow. http://www.jqjacobs.net/kml/amazon_2017_surveys.kml

Amazon Geoglyphs v2016 - http://www.jqjacobs.net/amazon/amazon_geoglyphs.kml
Space Archaeology in the Amazon, Beni, Bolivia v2017 - http://www.jqjacobs.net/amazon/bolivia.kml
Space Archaeology in the Amazon, Beni, Bolivia

I recommend downloading all three files above or the global file below and the appenda file. My global placemarks file is also not yet updated with the above appenda.

Archaeogeodesy Placemarks, Ancient Monuments in Google Earth 
Spanning the globe, more than 15,000 placemarks of ancient monuments and anthropogenic features.
Download - 3.7 MB Google Earth file: archaeogeodesy.kml v2018.01

I have updated the geoglyphs database file with the new geoglyphs and all placemarked zanjas, now totaling 502 earthworks. Amazon Geoglyphs v2018 Excel spreadsheet: amazon_geoglyphs.xls.

Equipped with precise coordinates for known and newly revealed geoglyphs, I started analysis of the spatial inter-relationships of the largest monuments to each other, to Andean monuments, to major mountain peaks, and to major monuments globally. Results will follow in another KML. Interested archaeologists may contact me directly.

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Newark Archaeogeodesy

2018.01.06 - Last year I updated the Newark Earthworks results KML file, reformatting, adding more results, and updating results with refined coordinates following some Google Earth hi-res updates. My Newark Archaeogeodesy webpage discusses some of the early reseach results. More are now included in the KML. I continue working on this inquiry and will update again. Here is the current KML, v2017:

Newark Archaeogeodesy, Monument Inter-Relationships KML

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