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Amazon Geoglyphs Update

2021.12.30 - After nearly three years, I've taken time to catch up on geoglyph surveying and updating my Hundreds of Geoglyphs Discovered in the Amazon webpage. I would have chosen a different title a decade ago if I'd foreseen this update includes 1,100 plus geoglyphs, zanjas, and mound villages. Each year the number grows, and this doubles my three years ago number. With new satellite imagery online more earthworks are revealed as a consequence of better resolution, land clearing, sometimes due to overgrazing, often due to deforestation, and even because of seasonal vegetation differences. And, while I have resurveyed most areas, there are areas with geoglyphs I still have not fully surveyed. Here are the updated data downloads:

Recent field research and journal articles have expanded knowledge of the earthworks. A lidar survey revealed new details of mound villages and roads. Google Earth enables appreciation of the vastness of this archaeological expression and the vast quantity of monumental earthworks, and it allows geolocating the knowledge. Archaeologists on the ground, or in helicopters today, bring details of the past to light. This update features new placemark balloons with quotations and links to pertinent publications, attaching the information to the places investigated. The references folder is updated in the webpage and now also included in a placemarks folder. Videos are linked in the references and more are embedded in the webpage. Photography is an essential aspect of appreciating the scale of the geoglyphs and human effort they evidence. More links in the webpage lead to some great new online photos.

amazon geoglyphs
Boa Vista, Amazonas, Brazil. Click image for a larger version. Also a 2560 pixel deskpicture.

Also new in the KML, to overlay the satelitte imagery, GIF files in three solid color options, jungle green, blueprint, and black. Solely the outline and line placemarks can appear atop the backgrounds, just follow the settings instructions. The application renders the earthworks, and a screen capture instantly produces a true to scale graphic. Several of these graphics illustrate additions in the results folder. Enjoy the update, and if you are new to Google Earth Pro, enjoy exploring the virtual globe.

Google Earth Pro with advanced features is free. Open KML files, import and export GIS data, create placemarks and your own KML files, and go back in time with historical imagery. Turn on the Photos layer to enhance exploring archaeology sites.

France - Ancient Monuments KML

2021.10.16 - Happy International Archaeology Day. 
New: France - Ancient Monuments KML  -  http://www.jqjacobs.net/kml/france.kml  -  730KB
The 670 placemarks, major sites and large menhirs, include embedded photos, some information, and links to sources. The updated placemarks are also now in the global file, archaeogeodesy.kml.

France map with ancient monument placemarks, a Google Earth KML file satellite image.

v2021 Updates

2021.07.26 - Updated KML files, Atacama Desert Art and Archaeology, Menorca Archaeology, The Heart of Neolithic Orkney, and Giant Buddhas, Rock-Cut Grottoes. The embedded Panoramio images have been restored with Web Archive links. The updated placemarks are also now in the global file, archaeogeodesy.kml.

2021.05.05 - Happy Cinco de Mayo. Updated archaeogeodesy.kml and archaeogeodesy.xls with additional sites added and some coordinates refined during the focus on Poverty Point and on the line transecting Machupicchu from Apu Illimani to Chavin and Huanuco Pampa, to the Moche and Viru Huacas, to Huaca Prieta, and at mid-latitude between Machupicchu and Illimani, to my one time home over 50 years ago just north of Lake Titicaca, Azangaro, Puno.

Poverty Point World Heritage Site, National Monument, and State Historic Site

2021.03.14 - I have updated the Poverty Point KML file, Poverty Point Mounds, Maps, and Selected Results, with refined coordinates using LiDAR digital elevation model (DEM) point cloud data to define mound centerpoints or apex coordinates. In the maps folder, the point cloud data is displayed using Excel graphs as image overlays.

LiDAR DEM Source: Louisiana Statewide GIS Atlas

The results folder includes recent findings. The results placemark balloons embed photos and graphics.

Download the 135 KB KML: http://www.jqjacobs.net/kml/poverty_point.kml

Machupicchu Archaeogeodesy

2021.01.20 - Uploaded, new Andes archaeogeodesy study results web page and placemarks:

Latitude Geometry and Astronomy

Machupicchu is framed by two lunar orbit baselines, to the north lunar motion per rotation (0.036501 circumference, 13.140376°) and mean daily lunar motion (0.036601 circumference, 13.176352°) to the south near the summit of Montaña Machupicchu and transecting Llactapata. In other words, Machupicchu is situated between latitudes equating to the circumference of the earth divided by the number of rotations per lunar orbit and the number of days per lunar orbit.

Machupicchu and Llactapata latitudes equate to lunar motion constants.

Happy New Year 2021

2021.01.01 - ArchaeoGeodesy KML - Ancient Monuments in Google Earth. Spanning the globe, more than 9,000 placemarks of ancient monuments and anthropogenic features.  All new site additions in ArchaeoGeodesy XLS are included in this update.
Download the 3.6 MB Google Earth file — jqjacobs.net/kml/archaeogeodesy.kml.

2021.01.01 - ArchaeoGeodesy XLS v2021 is online, Excel research applet spreadsheet with coordinates for 5,000 mounds, pyramids, monuments, and ancient sites worldwide.
Download the 2.6 MB file — jqjacobs.net/astro/xls/archaeogeodesy.xls

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