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New Photo Galleries

2013.12.21 - Chaco Canyon Photo Galleries updated with new pages, photographs, and an HD movie.

Chaco Canyon Photo Galleries
Pueblo Bonito
Chetro Ketl
Casa Rinconada
Pueblo del Arroyo
Peñasco Blanco
Tsin Kletso
Pueblo Pintado
Pueblo Alto
Kin Kletso

Chaco Canyon Great Houses - 1280 pixel HD QuickTime movie - 282 MB

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New and Updated Southwest Placemark Files

2013.12.21 - Several Southwest 2007 GPS readings Archaeology placemark files now updated, with photography embedded, more to follow.


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New and Updated South America Placemarks

2013.12.04 - Two new, large South America placemark files are available. Open the files in Google Earth and click the placemarks to display photo-illustrated balloons with selected images from the application's Panoramio layer. Portions of the two large files are also available in .kml or .kmz versions as listed below. The .kml files do not contain overlay maps, the .kmz versions do. The valley names in the image below are also linked to the individual files.

Andes ancient monuments map.

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Southwest Spring 2007 Travel Posts

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miamisburg mound

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