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SOUTHWEST Archaeology - NEW PowerPoint Versions of Photo Galleries

2010.02.13 - SOUTHWESTPhoto Gallery PowerPoints are now online. A dozen new PowerPoints are going online, with links in the Southwest Anthropology and Archaeology hub and below.

Abó Mission and Ruins - 1.8 MB
Anasazi Heritage Center - 3.5 MB
Aztec Ruins - 3.0 MB
Chaco Canyon NHP - 4.6 MB
Pueblo Bonito - 2.1 MB
Coronado State Monument - 1.0 MB
Edge of the Cedars Museum and Ruins - 3.2 MB
Gran Quivira - 1.9 MB
Maxwell Museum - 1.8 MB
Mesa Verde - 4.6 MB
Pecos Pueblo - 2.9 MB
Quarai - 1.2 MB


Hundreds of Geoglifos Discovered in the Amazon

2010.01.20 - Geoglifos is the term applied in Brazil to geometric earthworks discovered after recent deforestation. Geoglyphs are not new in South American archaeology, but these are different—massive earthworks of tropical forest soil rather than desert surface alterations. The Amazon Geoglifos present geometric forms; circles, squares, ellipses, octagons, and more, with individual forms up to several hundred meters across. Some are connected by parallel walls. Their distribution spans hundreds of kilometers, and much of the area remains forested jungle.

Geoglifos have been discovered in Google Earth exploring areas with recent high-resolution imagery updates. (Click thumbnail images herein to view larger image files in a new window.) Recent Brazilian news videos (five reports embedded below) on the ground and from small planes clearly illustrates the impressive scale, the massiveness of the amount of earth moved, and the unique monumental quality of this ancient cultural expression.

Earthworks preservationists, researchers, and recent archaeology news feeds called my attention to these constructs enough times to finally prompt online research. I was surprised by their numbers and scale. I quickly noticed many newly-discovered earthworks are already damaged by modern roads. No wonder conservationists are raising alarms. There seems to be no respect or recognition of the unique archaeological remains. Have efforts been made to protect them? Do the forms go unnoticed on the ground in the jungle because of their large scale?

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VIDEOS and more: Hundreds of "Geoglifos" Discovered in the Amazon

Download Google Earth Placemarks: amazon_geoglifos.kmz

I posted a placemark file of the geoglyphs I found. Recently local archaeologists thought, given the known distribution and the amount of the area deforested so far, only ten percent of the geoglifos were known. Some are visible in YouTube videos that are not yet seen on Google Earth. Hundreds exist and more will be visible and discoverd as new areas of Google Earth update with hi-res images. I seek additional placemarks and data files. Please GPS monuments you visit.

Watching Eclipses, Counting Orbits
a PowerPoint with AeGeo Code

With distractions like discovery of hundreds of geometric earthworks in the Amazon, some projects post long after beginning. During 2009, I focused on eclipses from the ancient astronomer's perspective. A PowerPoint is a good way to condense and concentrate one's thinking. My last 2009 project to post considers combining naked-eye Metonic eclipse observations, mathematics, and geometry to derive astronomical constants:

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